Desi Fontaine, photographer

Desi is an established photographer with a lifetime passion for her craft.  At her busy Studio, she spends time on portrait commissions, whilst continuing to enjoy teaching and mentoring photographers at all levels.  Desi could never imagine happily retiring from the profession or not travelling!  Desi's private gallery is open for long weekends, three or four times a year, to sell her catalogue of Fine Art travel work.


  • Photographer of people and places
  • Lifetime career in photography
  • Photography tutor, mentor, lecturer, judge


  • Art and culture
  • Film and fashion
  • Travelling and living around the world
  • Colour, form, light and shade

Professional qualifications

Photography awards and achievements

Academic qualification

  • Honours Degree in Photography from the University of Westminster

Photographic awards

  • Winner of six Kodak European Gold Awards
  • Awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association for outstanding contribution to the photographic industry

Judging panels

  • Currently judge of major national and international photographic competitions and awards for both professional and amateur photographers

Former positions

  • Head of Associateship and Fellowship Qualifications for the MPA