Professional wedding and civil partnership photography

Are you a professional wedding photographer?

Yes, because of my qualifications, years of experience and expertise in photography, in lighting, background choice and direction. I have the skills and two fellowships with the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photography (SWPP) which are the highest level of qualification awarded to photographers.  

Can you take photographs of our day without us posing, it’s called reportage isn’t it?

Don’t think about posing at all, that’s not what photography is about.  Nor it is about snapshot photography. Many of your guests will have good cameras and will take snaps on the day, however, snaps are not the same as professional photographs.  Nor will mobile phones - which cannot be relied upon.  Without a professional photographer's direction you will not have flattering shots - it is more about direction, lighting and having two photographers on the day.  The first photographer will take the main shots of the bride and groom and any family groupings whilst the second photographer will walk around unobtrusively photographing the candid shots. 

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is influenced by fashion, portraiture and reportage. My work is creative and artistic and at the same time is also a relaxed style.  Each wedding coverage will have its own individual look to reflect each couple's unique day.

Can I see your wedding portfolio?

Please make an appointment to come to the Studio so we can look through images and talk about the kind of shots that you would like for your own wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

How will you go about photographing my day?

Planning is important because each wedding is different and individual.  In order to take memorable shots of you, your new spouse and your guests, timings are planned to fit into your special day.  The plan ensures you spend time enjoying yourself, whilst setting aside time for some sensitive and stylish shots alone with the photographer and time to feature family members and friends too.

How will you be able to cope with my wedding guests?

Because of my long career photographing weddings, I am experienced with coping with any situations which may arise. Skills of diplomacy are often to put into play to achieve beautiful images across the whole wedding day. 

How much do you charge for a wedding?

To give you a quote, I would need to know all the details about your day such as the timings, the venue, the style of the wedding, the number of guests.  I would have many questions to ask you.  I would advise that we meet at the Studio where you can see examples of my wedding images.  Then I would be able to give you a price according to your requirements.




Presentation options, insurance and travelling abroad

Do you give us a printed album, or traditional photographs and files to print myself?

There are many presentation options available, both traditional and contemporary.  You will be able to see many different examples at my Studio so you can see which style of presentation you prefer. 

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured and I am supported by the MPA, the BIPP and the SWPP.

Can you travel abroad to cover my wedding?

I have covered many weddings abroad.  If you can tell me about the planned location and then I will be able to give you a price according to your requirements. 

Travel expenses and accommodation would be additional to the fee charged.